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Welcome to PharmDigiCoach

Dear pharma marketers

If I were to tell you, the pharmaceutical industry is in the midst of adopting a digital revolution in marketing – slowly but in a big way. I am sure that will be nothing new to you.

We all know it, by now.

And we have read enough reports on ‘Pharma needs to go digital’ !
I agree there are plenty of them.

And if at some point it has occurred to you –

“How does this digital marketing thing fit into my purpose of handling Pharma brands ???”

NO ONE seems to show HOW, WHEN, WHERE to start from.
With so much of information,
Everything seems just so overwhelming and complicated !!

How are we preparing ourselves to embrace this new way of marketing?
If companies worldwide are adopting online marketing strategies.

Why aren’t we? 

One reason could be our organizations don’t yet fully support
– Maybe we prefer to work from our comfort zones still trying to work the old way and get minimal results
– Or maybe we are yet to fully comprehend the vast possibilities of exploring the digital route

But if you think as experienced brand managers and marketers,

It is time for YOU to GROW

>>> To try something new
>>> To help your organizations see the bigger picture
>>> To add a skill that is going to be imperative to the growth of brands


This site is dedicated solely for that purpose.
Only to help YOU GROW

With all the incredible ways there are in the digital world for pharma brands

I think it is also essential to get some good grasp on the basics of marketing brands digitally

To remove all the complexity and make it really simple!

So that you are not only comfortable talking ‘the digital language’
but also gain confidence in presenting this to your upper management and bringing it in your strategies.

When it comes to digital marketing, we tend to rely on the agencies to guide us through.

As brand managers, WE ARE THE TRUE OWNERS of our brands and no one would ever know what is best for our brands.

Like we always have.

Let’s take the lead when briefing our agency partners, and raise the quality of discussion.
Not being meek but being Authoritative Owners of our brands. Where we stand to have all the capabilities of taking the right decisions for our brands.

The digital way of marketing has a new language with marketing jargons and new metrics that needs to be learned. 

Once I share my secrets on how we as marketers can approach the digital world,
Everything will start to fall in place and then it is going to turn out to be really COOL!

I am ready to brainstorm with you and bring a transformation in the old way of marketing.

Let us try this out together.

I welcome you in this journey of ours and think we are going to rock it from here!

Digital Marketing Made simple for Pharma Marketers: PharmaDigiCoach

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