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Your Primer to Pharma Product Marketing

Looking to get into pharmaceutical marketing?
Are you searching for career options in Medico-Marketing after B Pharm ?

Hey, Hey
I am so glad to see you here !

And I am really excited to share the Pharma Marketing Primer course with YOU.

All that I share is from over a decade of marketing experience in pharma, handling various brands in chronic, acute and even OTC category.

And one thing that I can tell you is –
If you can get this approach right,
you can handle any kind of pharma brand

So this is not going to be…

Any of the textbook marketing knowledge.
It is all practical, action-oriented learnings.

And this is also not a one time webinar/session, that will just wrap up everything in one go. Because that is just not possible.

Just as vast the subject is, the real stuff is in the details, which you should not miss, if you really intend to get into the Product Management Team (PMT).

Here’s How it Works…

I will try to break this Primer into a 5-day email series and we will dwell into the important aspects of the pharma marketer’s job and what it really means working in these areas.

If the Free Primer course interests you and you think you are ready to know more then we can take it even further – for you to Excel !

But for now, lets get this rolling !

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The job-oriented course after B pharmacy or Pharmaceutical Management

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Your Primer to Pharma Product Marketing

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