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Pharma Marketing Trends from 2020

A look into trend-setting pharma marketing strategies and tactics from 2020 that will continue in 2021, with examples The general essence of this article is to bring to you some of the new thinking and themes in pharma marketing that have taken shape in the year 2020. If you have been following my monthly compilation […]

Best of Pharmaceutical Marketing in 2020

Award winning pharma campaigns and healthcare marketing awards of 2020 that pharmaceutical marketers can learn from The year 2020, was been a tough one. As much as the challenges that came in for those in pharmaceutical marketing, it was a treat to know of the NEW ! As traditional marketing practices became redundant –the year […]

Digital Marketing Benchmarks for the Pharmaceutical Industry 2020: Digital Marketing Strategy Lessons from Big Pharma Companies

In-depth introduction to digital marketing in pharma industry. Examples, Analysis & Learnings from Big Pharma’s successful digital strategies.

What is a Digital Presence and Why is it Important for Pharma?

Subscribe to get our Free emails on Tips, Trends & Best Practices for Pharma Marketing in the Now What is a Digital Presence ? By definition, digital presence simply means the visibility of your brand or business in the online world. It is the utilization of tools to help you represent your business and reach […]

Impact of COVID-19 on Physician Engagement: Top Trends & Way Forward for Pharma Marketing

With 75-90 days into the COVID-19 crisis, isn’t it surprising how we have kept our lives running despite the odds. Big changes that have come in because of the pandemic could never have been thought of otherwise. How has been the journey so far? What trends have picked up and what are the new customer behaviors? What does the doctor want from pharma…

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