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Impact of COVID-19 on Physician Engagement: Top Trends & Way Forward for Pharma Marketing

With 75-90 days into the COVID-19 crisis, isn’t it surprising how we have kept our lives running despite the odds. Big changes that have come in because of the pandemic could never have been thought of otherwise. How has been the journey so far? What trends have picked up and what are the new customer behaviors? What does the doctor want from pharma…

Guide to Pharmaceutical Marketing in the time of coronavirus (COVID-19)

As the pharmaceutical industry continues to have one of the biggest roles in responding to the present COVID-19 crisis, pharma marketers are faced with some real-time challenges at almost all levels of operations. What are the general expectations from customers, what capabilities need to be built and how embracing smart digital approaches will help bring order in this chaos…

Coronavirus Pharma News Roundup on Marketing

With the COVID-19 pandemic creating havoc across industries. It is interesting to know how pharma companies are helping the public in finding ways to stop COVID-19. Pharma and healthcare companies have geared up activities in the digital domain to launch brands, communicate information to doctors, reach patients and stay connected with their customers. Here are some […]

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