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9 Essential Audience Research Tools for Pharma Marketers

With close to 7 billion internet searches a day worldwide. How do you to know of the user’s search intent? How can you gain deep customer insights to make real-time, responsive marketing decisions? Here are 9 of my favorite tools that can help you discover what people are searching for and why.

Content Marketing Ideas for Healthcare brands during the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) – Part 2

Subscribe to get our Free emails on Tips, Trends & Best Practices for Pharma Marketing in the Now 6 trending categories with useful resources for Content Marketing Development of healthcare brands In the first part of the article, we focused on understanding the mood, behavior, and needs of the consumer and tried to get insights […]

Pharma Content Marketing Ideas during the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) – Part 1

Subscribe to get our Free emails on Tips, Trends & Best Practices for Pharma Marketing in the Now Content Ideas for Marketing Pharma and Healthcare brands during the novel coronavirus At a time when the internet is flooded with news, tips, updates, and everything there is to know about coronavirus. What can pharma marketers create […]

Guide to Pharmaceutical Marketing in the time of coronavirus (COVID-19)

As the pharmaceutical industry continues to have one of the biggest roles in responding to the present COVID-19 crisis, pharma marketers are faced with some real-time challenges at almost all levels of operations. What are the general expectations from customers, what capabilities need to be built and how embracing smart digital approaches will help bring order in this chaos…

Coronavirus Pharma News Roundup on Marketing

With the COVID-19 pandemic creating havoc across industries. It is interesting to know how pharma companies are helping the public in finding ways to stop COVID-19. Pharma and healthcare companies have geared up activities in the digital domain to launch brands, communicate information to doctors, reach patients and stay connected with their customers. Here are some […]

Healthcare Personas for Pharma: Defining target market of pharmaceutical companies

All your marketing strategy depends on the basic understanding of your ideal customer. The parameters for knowing your customer in the digital world calls for a closer analysis. Lets get started with the process of creating the avatar.

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